2024 OSHA and HIPAA Bundle - Custom

$ 829.95 $ 1,495.00


 Crafted specifically for your practice, our policy manuals are meticulously designed to streamline compliance, presenting a turnkey solution that is ready for immediate implementation.

 Choose our custom service to alleviate the burden of policy creation. We provide a straightforward, fillable PDF checklist covering both OSHA and HIPAA requirements. By answering targeted questions and detailing site-specific information, you enable us to develop your customized policies. Professional policies of this caliber, if obtained independently, could cost you thousands of dollars.

 We emphasize the critical forms, clarifying your responsibilities comprehensively. While we lay the groundwork for policy creation, it remains imperative for you to document essential elements such as Hepatitis B vaccinations, employee training, HIPAA confidentiality agreements, among other crucial details.

 Our 2024 Custom OSHA and HIPAA Bundle includes:

  • Tailored OSHA Compliance Manual for Healthcare or Dentistry
  • Customized HIPAA Privacy and Security Manuals
  • Comprehensive OSHA Training, covering all necessary topics for clinical staff.
  • HIPAA Privacy/Security Training
  • COVID-19 Protection Policy
  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labeling for secondary containers
  • HIPAA Risk Assesment / Analysis - required annually
  • A suite of Posters, Forms, and Toll-Free Phone Support
  • The assurance of "Peace of Mind" upon immediate use.

 While we deliver professionally tabbed policies in binders, we also offer digital versions in PDF format for ease of access at workstations or for personal convenience. Our toll-free phone support is always available to address questions, policy revisions or other OSHA/HIPAA-related concerns.

 For practices with multiple locations or those requiring a specialized quote, we encourage you to contact us at 1-800-522-9308. Don't risk non-compliance with outdated OSHA and HIPAA policies when affordable compliance solutions are readily accessible.