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OSHA and HIPAA for Healthcare and Dental Professionals

Not all compliance manuals are the same. We don't try to justify a higher price by producing a thicker, more complex product. Our 2023 OSHA and HIPAA manuals were written exclusively for healthcare and dentistry professionals, and they feature everything you need, including policies, employee training, forms, posters, toll-free phone support, and more.

There is no fluff, only substance. We have assisted hundreds of physicians, dentists, labs, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals in meeting OSHA, HIPAA, and other Federal and State regulatory standards since 1991.

Although an OSHA inspection or a HIPAA audit are not regular occurrences, they can and do occur. In addition to documentation such as annual training records, you must have policies in place that define the types of safety measures you have in place to protect your employees (OSHA) and patient health information in both paper and electronic form (HIPAA Privacy and Security). Our OSHA and HIPAA manuals clarify your responsibilities and make compliance simple and affordable. 

 Concerned about an OSHA or HIPAA inspection? We offer toll-free phone support for our customers, including Q&A and aid in avoiding or reducing fines or penalties.


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