OSHA Training and Risk Assessment Plaque - Free Shipping

$ 29.95

We've provided "in-office" OSHA consultation services since 1991 and for years we've left our customers a plaque recognizing their accomplishments. It's our "in-office" experience that allowed us to create our "Do-it-Yourself" OSHA System that our customers have relied on for years. We have thousands of customers that use our OSHA manuals and training to fulfill their obligations under OSHA and are proud of their facility and it's employees.  Always includes the current year tab.

We're happy to now offer the same plaque to all our customers so your patients can see your commitment to safety. Yearly date tabs will be provided for free as part of our Guardian Service.

Of course you can always contact us for an "in-service" quote or custom created policies for OSHA and/or HIPAA.