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OSHA Compliance

Why take a chance with an old OSHA manual or outdated employee training records? When an OSHA inspection happens policies and training records are one of the first things they'll request. Depending on the nature of the allegation or inspection, it might be as simple as responding to a letter and supplying the necessary documents, other times it will be a facility inspection with all of the above. If you need any more reason, OSHA was ordered by congress to raise fines to scale for inflation since 1991. This increased OSHA fines almost 80% since the end of 2016.

We've provided common-sense, affordable solutions for physicians and dentists for 25 years now. Our 2018 OSHA Compliance System is by far our biggest seller and includes everything you need at one low price. If you only need an OSHA Manual or OSHA Training we have you covered too. We offer toll-free phone support for our customers for any OSHA, HIPAA or compliance related questions.