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2023 Deluxe OSHA System for Healthcare or Dentistry

$ 249.95

Our 2023 OSHA Manual for Healthcare or Dentistry includes everything you need to get into OSHA compliance quickly and affordably. We've assisted thousands of physicians, dentists, labs and other healthcare professionals with our "Do-it-Yourself" OSHA Systems. Oshaguard has provided in-office OSHA consultation, employee training, risk assessments, custom policies, inspection assistance and more for over 25 years. Our common-sense OSHA policies are exactly what would be expected of you during an OSHA inspection.

The "Big 3" are the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard / Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communications and Medical Waste Management, but you have to have policies that address other risks like COVID-19, fire plan, natural disasters specific to your region and TB Infection Control. Most will defer the treatment of an active patient, but you still need a policy that considers community profile, the types of procedures you perform and other factors.

Our 2023 OSHA Manual includes policies that are specific to the hazards in a medical or dental office. Written policies, employee training, posters, forms, toll-free phone support and more.

  • General Safety - Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Fire and Emergency Plans, Workplace Violence, etc.
  • Bloodborne Exposure Control Plan
  • Hazard Communications / Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Tuberculosis Infection Control / COVID-19 - Includes a COVID-19 Protection Policy  - updated to reflect the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) issued by OSHA
  • Biomedical Waste Management
  • OSHA's "It's the Law" poster (Federal Requirement), CDC's Handwashing poster,  Cover your Cough, COVID-19 safety, GHS Hazard Rating Chart, OSHA forms 300, 300-A, and 301
  • Toll-free phone support for all your OSHA, HIPAA and other regulatory questions. 
  • OSHA Inspection / HIPAA Audit assistance

    2023 OSHA Training Video:  This is an excellent way to comply with OSHA's annual training requirement and new employee training. The topics covered include General Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communications/ GHS, Respiratory / Airborne Diseases and Biomedical Waste. OSHA Training for Medical and Dental Offices. Approximately 40 minute runtime.  Training can be accessed electronically, so your employees can train from home or at work.

    2023 Trainer's Handbook: Supplements the video by assisting you in making training "workplace specific." In addition to the guidelines, the OSHA trainer's handbook also includes training handouts on bloodborne diseases, hand hygiene, safety data sheets and more. The training records and quizzes we provide help fulfill your documentation obligation and demonstrate an understanding of the material.

    Guardian Service: Oshaguard's Guardian Service provides on-going support for one year and is great way to ensure ongoing OSHA and HIPAA compliance. It includes a subscription to The Guardian, a quarterly newsletter with regular updates to keep written plans current, informative articles on OSHA, HIPAA and other safety and health-related topics. One popular feature of the newsletter is the employee quiz. The quiz will assist Safety and Health Managers in identifying and correcting areas of weakness in OSHA training. Most importantly, phone support is available by calling the toll free hotline; our experienced consultants can assist all your OSHA or HIPAA related questions or assist you in responding to an OSHA inspection or HIPAA audit. 

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