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2024 OSHA and HIPAA Bundle - We do it for you! - Customized Policies

$ 829.95 $ 1,495.00

This is a service that we've only provided to our "In-Office" customers until now. OSHA, HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security policies created specifically for your practice at an unbeatable price.  Compliance has never been easier

Our "Do-it-Yourself" manuals have been our bread and butter since we started in 1992. They're as easy as ever and include everything you need to get into compliance with OSHA and HIPAA, but your time is important! When you receive your compliance bundle, it's ready to go out of the box. We flag the important forms, so you know exactly what to do. We can create the polices, but you need to document Hepatitis B vaccinations, employee training, HIPAA confidentiality statements and other important details. 

Let us do it for you! We send a simple fillable PDF checklist for OSHA and HIPAA. You answer the questions, complete the site-specific details and we create your policies. Professional policies like these can cost you thousands of dollars!

  • Custom 2024 OSHA Compliance Manual for Healthcare or Dentistry
  • Custom 2024 HIPAA Privacy Manual
  • Custom 2024 HIPAA Security Manual 
  • OSHA Training - includes all required topics to train your clinical staff
  • HIPAA Privacy / Security Training
  • COVID-19 protection policy - updated to reflect the most recent changes and recommendations.
  • GHS Labels for secondary containers
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Posters, Forms and Toll-Free Phone Support
  • "Peace of Mind" Right out of the box.

Most communication is through email, but you're always welcome to call.  We want to make sure your policies are accurate as possible. Although we send you professional tabbed policies in binders, we also provide them as a PDF so you can have them available at workstations or just for your convenience. We provide toll-free phone support for questions, policy revisions or other OSHA or HIPAA related inquiries.

If you have more than one location or need a specialized quote please call us. at 1-800-522-9308. Why take a chance with outdated OSHA and HIPAA policies when compliance is so affordable.

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