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2021 OSHA and HIPAA Bundle - We do it for you! - Customized Policies

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We're happy to announce that we're now offering customized OSHA and HIPAA policies for your medical or dental practice. This is a service that we've only provided to our "In-Office" customers until now. OSHA, HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security policies created specifically for your practice. Compliance has never been easier. We can update policies anytime there's change and we keep a record of all revisions. HIPAA policies and revisions must be maintained for 6 years. Polices need to be reviewed and updated annually or anytime there is change within your organization.

Our "Do-it-Yourself" manuals have been our bread and butter since we started in 1992. They're as easy as ever and include everything you need to get into compliance with OSHA and HIPAA, but they still require time to sort through the manuals to add site specific details. 

Let us do it for you! We send a simple digital checklist for OSHA and HIPAA. We can also call you if you prefer and ask the questions we need to create your policies. You answer the questions, complete the fillable PDFs and we create your policies. Professional policies like these can cost you thousands of dollars!

  • Custom 2021 OSHA Compliance Manual for Healthcare or Dentistry
  • Custom 2021 HIPAA Privacy Manual
  • Custom 2021 HIPAA Security Manual 
  • Custom GHS Labels for secondary containers
  • Custom HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Custom COVID-19 protection policy - updated to reflect Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) issued June 10, 2021
  • OSHA Training - Brand new for 2021, and now includes COVID-19
  • HIPAA Privacy / Security Training
  • Posters, Forms and Toll-Free Phone Support
  • "Peace of Mind" Right out of the box.

Correspondence might include a brief call from us as well, just to make sure your policies are accurate as possible. Policies are provided electronically as well allowing you the option of storing them paperless. We provide toll-free phone support for questions and revisions during the year. Policy changes are quick and easy and allow you to maintain previous versions to comply with all applicable laws.

If you have more than one location or need a specialized quote please call us. Why take a chance with outdated OSHA and HIPAA policies when compliance is so affordable.

Pictures include samples of some of the required OSHA and HIPAA policies, custom GHS labels created specifically for your secondary containers and a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment.



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